***If an office is listed as vacant, please email the Seneschal***

Seneschal: THL Kynwric Gwent
The Seneschal is the Chapter President for the shire, directing its activities and representing it to the Kingdom.

Herald: Lord Ansgar Stumar
The Herald assists the populace in selecting names and devices (coats-of-arms) and provides heraldic services to the shire’s events.

Reeve: Lord Owen of Depedale
The Reeve is the Chapter Treasurer and manages the shire finances.

Knight Marshal: Sir Emhin MacTir
The Knight Marshal officiates combat activities for the shire.
Youth Marshal:  Lord David Duckworth

Arts and Sciences: THL Myfawny Arfwydd
The Arts and Sciences officer provides opportunities to educate the populace on a variety of topics from the Middle Ages.

Historian: Lord Snorri Smedson
The Historian records the milestones and monumental events in the progress of the shire.

Chronicler:  Vacant
The Chronicler produces the newsletter for the local shire.

Live Weapons: THL Myfawny Arfwydd
The Live Weapons marshal oversees the layout of the thrown weapons and archery courses.

Webminister / Social Media: Vacant
The Webminister coordinates and maintains the web presences for the shire.

Chatelaine:  Vacant
The Chatelaine is the newcomer’s officer for the shire. Talk with any member of our shire, we believe, “Everyone is a Chatelaine!”

Minister of Children:  Vacant
The Minister of Children coordinates and oversees children’s activities for for the shire.